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Google Earth and Maps: BP Oil Leak Awareness

A member of the Google Earth team decided to highlight the current issue with the BP oil spill. British Petroleum is still doing all it can to stop the flow of oil pumping out into the Gulf of Mexico, but nothing has worked so far. Google Maps Engineering Manager Paul Rademacher has crated a new tool that allows the user to place an image of the size of the oil spill onto an area of their choice.

At the moment it is hard for us to understand just how bad this oil spill is, Geek Shui Living Tech News explains that this new feature will allow us to gain a perspective at just how bad this environmental disaster really is – something that the media has a hard problem doing.

This tool is now out-of-date as it was developed on estimates taken on May 6, more oil has spilled out since so is now much worse. There is certainly an important lesson to be made here, one that could change how our children look at the world.

There are many things that you can say about Google, but a tool like this more than makes up for all the negative things. Let us hope that our children will look at this data from Google Earth and want to make a change when they are old enough.



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