Gold Vending Machine: Dispenses Gold Bars

Whenever you stay at a hotel you will always notice a vending machine of some sort, but could you imagine having a Gold Vending Machine that dispenses gold bars? Well that is just what you get when you stay at the Emirates Palace – the top hotel in Abu Dhabi.

According to AOL Travel News the name of the machine is Gold To Go and allows those who use it to trade in cash for gold, with a choice of coins to 10-gram bars. The price of gold is updated every ten minutes and then weighed by the machine – the price of gold was $1,245 an ounce yesterday.

We were surprised to learn that this is not the first Gold To Go machine; the first machine was located in Frankfurt’s Airport last year. The outside of the machine is coated in a thin-layer of 24-caret gold. The gold ATM offers a choice of 320 items, which is down to customer preference.

We know that gold is produced in Canada, Australia and South Africa, which is why you can have your gold coins engraved with maple leaf, kangaroo, and Krugerrand. Do not expect one of these Gold To Go machines in any normal hotel, only ones like that in Abu Dhabi. Where they have a love affair with gold.



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