BlackBerry Bold 9700: OS Available For Download

By Jamie Pert - May 13, 2010

BlackBerry users of the Bold 9700 might want to plug their phones into their home computers and check the Desktop manager as it is confirmed that an official update of the OS has finally been released.

Version is now available on the airwaves, and can be installed via the Desktop Manager which comes with your BlackBerry software, or on the Internet.

Previously, a leaked version of the same OS was released, but as we informed, this was in no way an official release from RIM. So if you have been holding back on updating your phone software, now is the time to do so.

Updating your OS is good practice, as it irons out issues, bugs and problems with the current version. I have just updated my phone’s software using the Desktop Manager, and was pleased to find out that the application automatically backs up your data, and restores it after the update has been completed.

If you are one of the many BlackBerry users who updated their OS, please inform us of any problems, issues or improvements you run into while using your phone.

Source: IntoMobile

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  • shane

    Never give up

  • shunto

    i have a blackberry 9700 and one day i was reading bb's and then i couldnt read the messages so i took out the battery once i put it back in the phone wouldnt load up… the red light came on only blinking in this pattern (blink pause blink blink blink pause blink) and thats all it does when ever i put it on charge or a charged battery in…. what do you think i should do?

  • bbwhore

    Update isn't recognized through Desktop manager 5.0.1 … no update found from

    • Alex

      You need to do this update via App Loader unless your provider has approved the update. See here for detailed instructions on doing so:

      Furthermore, there is a new official ver that just came out yesterday (, so I suggest running a Google search to find the download links for it as well as more info on it.