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Apple iPhone Vietnam: New 4G prototype Video Recap

For those of you who are unaware that a brand new Apple iPhone 4G has been discovered in Vietnam, we have a video report to show you now, which will bring you up to speed on the latest events surrounding the device.

The video comes to us courtesy of MSN, who have given us a lowdown on what we know so far. The prototype device found in Vietnam is said to be different to the one that Gizmodo obtained last month.

The video suggests that there are more prototypes out there, since it is a known fact that prototype models have to be made before final release – we just don’t know how the devices are managing to slip from Apple’s reach.

We also hear suggestions that Apple are planning to send a team over to Vietnam to recover the device, while the raid of Gizmodo editor Jason Chen’s home was also mentioned.

As the video points out towards the end – It is hard to keep a secret in today’s society. Let us know your thoughts on this latest iPhone 4G prototype.



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