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American Idol Top 3 and iPhone Apps For 2010

American Idol has been on air since 2002 and was the most popular show at that time. Move forward to 2010 and things are very different, the ratings are the lowest they have ever been, maybe this has something to do with Simon Cowell leaving the show soon. However, this has still not stopped fans wanting more, so they have turned to the iPhone and its range of American Idol apps

Appolicious has taken ten apps to see how good they really are – they need to be as AI fans can be brutal. American Idol Game takes a while to download as it is on the large side, but is a great deal at $1.99. This application tries to re-create the feeling of going backstage and the auditioning of the show.

The next app is Kelly Clarkson Open Mic: this fun app is more expensive at $4.99. So you will sing to your phone and then the scores are recorded on how well you did. This is a little like Rockband, but with all the singing instead.

One of the worst American Idol iPhone apps was IdolVoter, and the 99 cents price should be a dead giveaway. This app is just used for voting, it serves no other purpose.

These are just three of the ten app available, for more details on the other seven visit Appolicious



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