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World Cup 2010 Apps: Schedule and more

With the FIFA 2010 World Cup just week’s away fans can get themselves numerous mobile apps to view goals, news, figures, and more. The event is possibly the biggest tournament in the world besides the Olympics, and has millions of fans following across the world.

iSouthAfrica 2010 is a free iPhone app that has a complete schedule of all the matches and details of the host cities and stadiums. It also features information on the players and their teams. The app is free but is funded by advertising on each page, but for the amount of information contained in the app it is a small inconvenience.

It is not just iPhone users who can get their hands on some neat World Cup apps, Android users have some good options as well. World Cup Essentials is an app that is fully loaded, and even has World Cup history with everything from team mascots and stadium history covered. It also has guides for all the games, with a countdown timer and calendar.

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  • 2010 Fan

    Don't forget The 2010 WC. You can make your own predictions and compare them against the match results which are updated automatically. You can see the matches by date, team, group and all the stats. You can also share your predictions on Facebook. Get it here:

  • Mark

    And for once can we have some one mention Windows Mobile. The HD2 is one of the nicest phones out there (makes the iphone look cheap). The app "World Cup 2010" in microsoft's app store is gorgeous, and does everything from satellite photos of the stadiums! Downloads scores whilst matches are on. and has all the usual fixtures, groups, etc. Get it if you've better taste than owning an iphone!

  • Another great iPhone App for the World Cup called iCheer – Country. Perfect for cheering for your country whether at a local pub or at the game. All you do is select your country, pick a fun sound and shake your phone to make some noise!


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