Verizon iPhone 4G or Google Android 2.2 Tablet?

It seems like it is a very exciting time to be a Verizon customer at the moment. With continued speculation that a CDMA iPhone will land before the year, we have also heard confirmation that the network are planning to release an Android based Tablet in partnership with Google.

There was some slight confusion as to what operating system this tablet will run, as the option of Google’s Chrome OS was also a possibility at first. However, a fresh report from Bloomberg that we have digged out reveals that the upcoming tablet will run on Android instead.

But what version of Android will it run? If Verizon really want to get customers behind this tablet device, then including Android OS 2.2 out of the box is the way forward. I would see it as a step backward if they were to ship this with Android 2.1.

Then there is the ‘small matter’ of the elusive iPhone 4G handset – still rumored to be landing on Verizon before end of the year – despite fresh reports that AT&T has an exclusive agreement until 2012. But if this contract turns out to be void, then it really leaves everything wide open again as far as Verizon customers are concerned.

What would you prefer to own on Verizon? A lovely new iPhone 4G, or a Android 2.2 equipped tablet device? Tough decision isn’t it? We’ve created a poll for you to voice your opinions on this.

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