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Steam for Mac Live: List of Games

We mentioned this morning that Steam for Mac was now live and available for download – we have to apologize as we were misinformed. However, we can now tell you that the gaming download service is 100 percent live. There are more games available than we first thought, but games like Team Fortress 2 is not yet there.

Engadget says that it is nice to see that Mac owners now have a gaming system that does not need to have a copy of Boot Camp installed. We are not saying that this is the ideal solution for gaming on a computer system – if you want that you will need to rough it and get yourself a PC.

If you own a MacBook Pro, chances are you are not a serious gamer, so using Steam for Mac is the perfect solution for the part-time gamer. Valve has made 57 titles available to download as of now – Joystiq have the complete list of games available, as well as their top picks. For full details visit the website from the link above.

We have to wonder how Valve servers have held up, as Steam for Mac has been in beta for some time now for a select few. Let us know how you have been getting on with this new service.



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