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Skate 3 (Xbox 360): 10 Minutes of Gameplay Action

We have a treat for Skate fans now, as we have a video of the first 10 minutes of Skate 3 to show you. This is perfect preparation for those still planning to pick the game up.

The footage comes to us courtesy of Eurogamer, who have uploaded the video on their website. You get a great look at the key changes from Skate 2, whilst also seeing how improved the graphics and skatepark environments are.

One of the main additions in Skate 3 is the inclusion of the Skate Park – which allows you to build your own parks – a feature that was badly needed in previous editions of the game.

The game was released earlier on this week on Xbox 360 and PS3. If you are still thinking of adding this to your collection, watch the gameplay video over at Eurogamer.

Let us know your thoughts on Skate 3.



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