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Sharp HD Video Camera: Smartphones Get 720p

If you own a smartphone, then Sharp have a new device that allows for 720p recording with its HD Video Camera. Not only that, it will capture 3D as well. Sample shipping is expected to begin in July with mass production expected sometime this year.

Sharp has managed to create 3D images with the new camera add-on by capturing images with two cameras – so that images are created for the left and right eye. This is a huge breakthrough for Sharp, and shows that you do not need a bulky camera to produce HD or 3D quality images.

Sharp will begin to embed the new HD video camera within mobile devices such as cell phones and digital cameras. This would be great to see it in the next iPhone, but it would be too late now. Sharp has been working hard on this new technology and will begin to offer small, medium and large 3D LCD displays.

Not much else is known about this device, more details can be found on Engadget



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