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Nexus One: Why Verizon Wireless and Sprint Backed Out

Customers of Sprint who were hoping to get Google’s Nexus One are going to be disappointed. Sprint have announced they will not now be supporting the device but instead will be carrying the forthcoming HTC EVO 4G.

They originally said back in March they would have a CDMA version of the Nexus One for later this year, but have now followed Verizon and ditched the device. Verizon opted for the Android-based HTC Incredible instead of Google’s handset. The networks have instead decided to go with newer devices following the Nexus One’s low sale figures and early bugs.

The Nexus One is now only available on the AT&T”s GSM and T-Mobile networks, and can be purchased unlocked for $529. The handset has helped the Android Operating system to outsell that of the iPhone but is nearing the end of its lifetime. Click here for more on this.


  • Here’s my problem, I am in a bit of trouble, I have had my iphone 3G for the past 2 years and it’s been good. It is my understanding that Apple has a new software update due out called OS 4 and it’s supposed to be adding some new features to the iPhone 3G. The problem is that I bought Verizon’s new HTC Incredible the HTC Incredible and it’s an awesome phone, way better than the Apple iphone, BUT I’m hearing that Apple is supposed to be coming out with a brand iphone altogether, and it’s supposed to be really nice but no one has any ideas as to when and Apple isn’t saying a thing. Should I keep my HTC Incredible, that I have 30 days to test and give back if I do not want to keep it, or should I give it back, keep my current iphone and wait for the release of the new iPhone- tough to decide what to do.


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