New iPhone 4G/HD: Apple’s secret deal with Lady Gaga

By Alan Ng - May 12, 2010

Some interesting news to bring you now, as it has been reported that Apple has signed a deal with pop star Lady Gaga, for her to appear in the forthcoming Ad campaigns for their iPhone 4G handset.

As RedmondPie reports, it looks like the perfect combination for the company: easily the most anticipated handset in years combined with the biggest female pop star in the music industry at the moment – a very smart business move by Apple we think.

Regardless of what you think about Lady Gaga and her somewhat ‘eccentric’ fashion choices, there is no doubt that she has the ‘it’ factor at the moment. Apple will definitely get people talking about the iPhone 4G with Lady Gaga at the helm of their ads.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it is a good idea or not?


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