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iPhone 4G/HD: New Release Date – AT&T Upgrades

We have some exciting news for everyone thinking of picking up the upcoming iPhone 4G handset from Apple, as we have yet another potential release date for the device – this time with solid reasons for it to be a real possibility.

As reported from RedmondPie, AT&T has started to inform customers in the U.S about their rollout eligibility for iPhone upgrades – offering a new date for when customers can start to upgrade.

The interesting thing here, is that many users have reported that AT&T has changed their upgrade date from 21st November 2010 to June 21st 2010 – leading us to believe that the iPhone 4G could now be available from this date, instead of earlier on in June as previously rumored.

AT&T has often offered early upgrade paths for customers in the past, but the instant change of date seems a little suspect here – just weeks before WWDC 2010.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this has anything to do with the iPhone 4G or not?

We’ll update you when we know more. Head to the link above to see a official document from AT&T detailing the new upgrade dates.




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