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iPhone 4G with Apple A4 Microprocessor: Teardown

When we first learned that the Apple iPad came with the Apple A4 Microprocessor we all hoped that it would find its way in the new iPhone 4G. There have been a number of rumors that this has happened, but looking at this teardown it is the best conformation yet.

You can see from the image on Engadget that the inner workings has that A4 chip, and we are certain that it has been slowed down – otherwise it would demand too much battery power. Chipworks were the ones who discovered this little gem, stating that then 339S0084 chip number that appears on the hardware is the same number as the Samsung chip.

The other text that we see is APL0398, the very same that appears on the Apple iPad tablet device. If this is true then we can expect a more-powerful iPhone in 2010, even if Apple has to de-clock the chip.

So all the pieces are now in place, we now wait to see what Steve Jobs has planned for us at WWDC 2010



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