iPhone 3GS Owners: Cost of upgrade to 4G/HD version

By Peter Chubb - May 12, 2010

This time last year we knew that Apple was to launch the iPhone 3GS, and it was not until June that all the problems with upgrade fees with AT&T came to a head. iPhone 3G owners were told that if they had purchased their smartphone the year before, then they were not entitled to the full subsidy of the 3GS.

This has got us thinking – what will the cost of upgrade to the new iPhone 4G/HD version be? We thought we would do some digging and found that PC World was also thinking the same thing. The website picked up on the fact that AT&T had a change of heart and offered the cheaper rate to all of its customers upgrading to 3GS from 3G.

We still do not understand why AT&T offer long contracts – especially when they know that Apple launch a new iPhone each year. There is some good news though; PC World has learned from MobileCrunch that AT&T customers have had their upgrade eligibility dates moved forward to June 21.

We can take two things from this, the first is that this could be the release date for the fourth-generation iPhone, and the second that AT&T customers with an iPhone 3GS will be allowed to get the full discount right away.

So we know that these customers will be allowed to get the next iPhone at the same price as new customers – but we are not certain what that price will be. We have heard rumors that the iPhone 4G / HD or whatever Apple wants to call it could be cheaper than previous versions – it will need to be to compete with the range of Android handsets coming to the market.

What price would you be prepared to pay for the iPhone in 2010?

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