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iPad WiFi Problems: Update Details and Temporary Fixes

We have some good news for those of you still encountering problems with WiFi on the Apple iPad, as the company has finally acknowledged the problem, confirming that a software fix update will be available soon, while also providing some temporary solutions while you wait.

As reported from Apple Insider, Apple has issued a fresh support document on their website – which you can read in full here. It informs you that a software update will be available to fix the WiFi problems, although they failed to state an exact timeframe when it would be available.

In the meantime, they have usefully provided some temporary solutions which may improve the situation for you. These include things such as verifying your router firmware is up to date, obtaining a new IP address, checking the brightness level on the iPad and more.

Read the full article over at Apple Insider for more information on this. Are you still having problems with WiFi on your new iPad? At least you now know that Apple are working on a fix for the problems.



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