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HTC Droid Eris: 2.1 Android Update Rollout Details

We have some good news for owners of the HTC Droid Eris smartphone on Verizon now, as we can confirm that the rollout process of the update to Android OS 2.1 has now started. We have some important details for you.

As reported from BGR, the rollout will be a gradual affair, with only 1,000 owners getting the update to 2.1 at first. The update will appear OTA, so you should get a notification on-screen prompting you to update your device.

Don’t worry if you don’t, as Verizon confirms that a further 9,000 Droid Eris owners will get the 2.1 notification tomorrow.

Verizon are aiming to have the full rollout process completed by May 16th. Head over to BGR for the full list of changes within the 2.1 update.

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