General Motors and Google Android OS: Smartphone Capable Vehicles

There have been a number of rumors going around that General Motors (GM) is to team up with a technology partner, the latest news suggest that it is none other than Google. It seems as though the Detroit auto company is getting together with the search engine giant to take advantage of its Android OS.

If Autoblog is correct, then GM will show its commitment for smartphone capable vehicles, and shows that they are very serious when it comes to offering a competitor to Ford’s Sync system. If these rumors turn out to be true, then we should expect to see Google Android OS inside the upcoming Chevrolet Volt.

We already know that Chevy Volt owners will be able to monitor a number of systems on the vehicle via a smartphone – including battery life and charging progress. The operating system will also make it possible to start the car and unlock it – ideal to get it nice and warm in the car before you venture outside.

Motor Trend
explains that if this system proves popular, then we can expect to see general Motors implement the same technology throughout their entire range of vehicles.



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