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Facebook for iPad: Sobees App is the best available

We have some good news for Facebook fans and iPad owners, as we have details on what is thought to be the best ‘unofficial’ native Facebook application out there at the moment.

As reported from RedmondPie, iPad owners have been getting rather frustrated with the Facebook application that is currently available in the App store. This isn’t a Facebook app tailor made for the iPad, but actually the same app used on the iPhone and iPod Touch – meaning that you can only run it with the iPhone’s resolution.

However, a new app called SoBees for Facebook features a nice interface for you to use, allowing you to view status updates, links, pictures, wall posts and videos from your list of friends on Facebook. You can also manage events and birthdays using the app too.

Until an official app is released for the iPad, this is the best one available hands down. Check out the video demo of it in action below.

Let us know your thoughts on it.


  • Corinne tellado

    Izaura y Ursula love it.. I miss u girls

  • Argent009

    I installed this app the other day and have been using it constantly, it's very nice. There are some gaping holes that need to be filled such as easier ways to comment on items and a more comprehensive and all inclusive home page, but overall, it's the best Facebook app available for the iPad (native) currently out there.


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