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Counter-Strike Source (CS:S) – Beta update and Video Preview

If you ever felt the urge to start playing classic title Counter-Strike Source again, now is the time to do so as Valve has just rolled out a huge update to the game, which is now in beta testing.

As reported from Eurogamer, slots for the beta were available via sign-ups yesterday, but sadly they have all vanished, so the beta remains closed for the time being.

The update is a huge one, adding 114 achievements to the game, as well as detailed weapon stats, an after death animation, end of round stats and much more. There are also big changes to the game’s source engine, while you’ll notice that the scoreboard has been updated with ‘MVP (Most Valuable Player)’ star ratings.

Regular players of the game will be amazed at the vast amount of changes to the game. Hopefully we’ll bring you details on how you can enter the beta soon. For now check out a quick video of the beta below.

Full details over at Valve here.



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