2011 Fiat Uno Novo: Specs, Details and Photos

The 2011 Fiat Uno Novo is one of those strange cars, we have heard about it but not much information to go on. We know that the new vehicle will be heading to Brazil and other South American countries first, then maybe other countries if it proves popular.

Thanks to Carplace Brazil, we have managed to get hold of some more details on specs as well as a few more photos, which you can see here. The 2011 Fiat Uno Novo come with a choice of two engines – a 1.0-liter and a 1.4-liter engine. The former will offer 75bhp while the latter will produce 100bhp – so not going to set any speed records then.

There were rumors that this model would make it to Europe, but this is unlikely as the Panda does very well there. If you have an image to keep up with, then the 2011 Fiat Uno Novo will not be for you. If however you were young and looking for your first car with funky looks – then this would be the perfect choice.

While looking at the photos of this new car you will see that it looks like a mini SUV and it has more legroom than you would imagine. Take a look at the photos in the link above and let us know your thoughts



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