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Xbox 360 3D Now Possible via LG 3-D TV

From the moment that we learned that Sony was to introduce 3D gaming on its PS3 via a firmware update, Xbox 360 gamers have been waiting on an announcement from Microsoft. We can now tell you that Xbox 360 3D is coming – with a little help from a LG 3-D TV.

The news was announced in an LG press release, showing that the Korean consumer electronics maker and Microsoft will market both products jointly. Expect more news to follow on what 3D-capable Xbox 360 games will be released. Let us hope that they are good titles – this could be the deciding factor in how popular 3D gaming on the 360 will be.

The televisions in question are the LG 55 and 47-inch LX9500 LED TVs and will be launched in June – Engadget is uncertain of a specific release date. While trying to understand the translation from the original source, there is no mention on a hardware upgrade or firmware from Microsoft – but the Xbox 360 will need some sort of update to offer 3D gaming.

Microsoft has to be doing this in retaliation to the Sony PS3 3D threat – we just wonder if they will be able to offer this new technology in a way that Sony can. Microsoft has to rely on third-party involvement – LG – whereas Sony does not as they already have their own 3D televisions.

Do you think that the Xbox 360 3D will be able to compete with the PlayStation 3 3-D?


  • zs450

    Imagine gaming in 3-D with Project Natal, that would be a blast. Too bad I have little faith in any dev taking advantage of that possiblity.


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