Will HTC EVO 4G outsell the iPhone 4G?

By Alan Ng - May 11, 2010

We have an interesting article for you to read now, which confirms that Google’s Android phones are now outselling Apple’s iPhones. Could Google continue this trend with the release of the HTC EVO 4G on Sprint, or will the Apple iPhone 4G return things back in Apple’s favor.

As reported from BGR, the latest figures have been obtained via the most recent NPD results in Q1 of this year. According to a chart, RIM is leading the way with U.S smartphone share at 36%, while Android is in second place with 28%, followed by the Apple iPhone on 21%.

Considering that Google’s Android OS is now available on every major carrier in the U.S and Apple have not released a new iPhone handset since June 2008, this will probably not come as a surprise to most of you.

However, things should start to get very interesting when the Android-equipped HTC EVO 4G on Sprint releases, along with Apple’s iPhone 4G handset. The EVO 4G is rumored to be launching on June 6th, while the iPhone 4G could also be available early June.

What are your thoughts on this? Will Google still be able to maintain a lead over Apple, or will the release of the iPhone 4G change everything?

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  • Tree

    I agree with some of these posts about this Iphone 4g?????…guys At&t does not have a 4g network. They wont start there 4g network for another 1-2 years. My mother is vice president of sales for sprint and told me it takes a long time to build up a 4g network. Also i dont get why people are talking shit about sprints 4g network not being in every city right off the bat. When 3g came out it wasn't in every city at first. It takes time to build new towers guys. 4g doesnt cover as much area as 3g does so that means even more towers and more money needs to be spent. i have the evo and it works great. When it is upgraded with Android 2.2 its gonna be amazing. It just might out sell the new iphone.

  • jed

    New iphone owner here, after a 3 weeks of owning a 3gs I want something else. Apple is just too restrictive for me. The iphone is great for kids and grandpaents though.

  • common sense

    it's pretty easy to see why more google androids are selling than iphones. there are several different adroid phones to choose from these days and on different networks. there is one kind of iphone that goes through minor software changes every so often and on one network only. Sure, Apple had something amazing when the iPhone first came out, but no it's time to step up and bring something new to the table.

  • Best

    Apple 4G phone is the 4th generation of their phone but still runs on a 3G network. Sprint EVO runs on a 4G network whcih is much faster than 3G network. I am sure the naming of Apple 4G is not a coincidnce. Most consumers will assume Apple phone is running on 4G network. This is a very nice trick Apple came up with.

  • interested_party

    Apple should start calling their phones 3rdG 4thG and so on, just to clarify that they are not named after the network connection technology. Maybe even 3rdGen, 4htGen and so on. Otherwise there will be a lot of unhappy customers whining about how Apple has mis-sold them a non-4G 4thGen phone.

  • Charles B.

    The bigger picture is that Apple intentionally places restrictions on the iphone and they make you buy into THEIR vision of a cellphone. The Android phones are predictably more user friendly simply b/c they are non-Apple phones. Case in point: iphone owners can't even change out their BATTERY. You have to send it in to an Apple technician to change out your battery! Guess how much their battery costs? Over $100. You can't even access your memory directly from a PC. You forced to use Apple iTunes to change ANYTHING. They wouldn't even let people download the Opera web browser b/c it would compete directly with their Safari browser. Some people are tired of playing into Apple's game. They already had a monopoly with the cellphone market, did they really need to rub it in by restricting its users? Android is the answer.

  • zjb2000

    I have an iphone but am trading in as soon as the HTC EVO monster comes out.
    Android is King.

  • @Chris – for Apples, the G means Generation, so the new iPhone 4G is the 4th Generation iPhone. It has nothing to do with the network it will be capable of connecting to. For the Evo, the 4g means that it will be capable if connecting to Sprint's new Wimax network, which is theoretically capable of speeds 10x faster than existing 3g networks. The Evo will also connect to 3g so you at least keep existing speed if you are not in a 4g market.

  • G the Barber

    Maybe just maybe the Evo may sell more if it takes potential Iphone users away from Att.I just hope Sprint has enough Evos to go around.I think the Evo will sell by 2's for the video conference feature

  • preston

    yes there are tons of droid phones out there but they are all utizlizing the android OS. people are buying into the android market. this is an awesome thing because now the rest of america that can't afford at@t has an oppurtunity to get into a great marketplace with a great OS. don't take me wrong HTC sense UI is what makes that droid experience on the same if not higher level as iphone, but your not buying a phone your buying an OS and a marketplace. this being said it is sensible to compare droid to iphone in relation to sales, because people are buying droid over iphone OS, which is called what?….is it cheetah or tiger oh no its leopard, nevermind its panda, no im stupid its T-rex. this is my point open source will not be stopped and the only way apple can continue to compete is to loosen the strings and pass the ball.

  • Charles

    Well i will be seeing what ATT comes out with for the droid phones and then make my mind on what i’ll get. I am kinda stuck tho, i mean the droid phones do look good and the features they offer, but then again i at least know i can always update my IPhone. I wont have to worry that i am getting a droid to find out i cant update it. The other thing i look at too is expansion! Some of the droid phones only come with 2-4GB of space and to upgrade to a 32GB microSD is like 300.00 on the internet. Those are just some of my concerns is storage and being to upgrade OS’s.

  • Chris

    So I am reading the ever increasing hype about the HTC Evo and IPhone 4g model and I am wondering how the 2 can be compared. Where will IPhone 4g be able to run it's new improved 4G speed? It appears that the only carrier for dedicated 4G smart phone is Sprint and even Sprint has very limited coverage. So can someone elaborate on when these new 4G's phones can actually be effective as stand alone devices?

    • john

      if they have the iphone and the EVO they can run there i phone on the evo 4G!! hahahahahahaha

    • Jorge

      The iPhone 4G, as already stated on just about every media outlet is NOT a 4G phone. It stands for 4th Generation…

  • raymundo

    Well I got a bbtour and I like it but oviusly I want the evo like everybody in this place! But I gonna let a buch of guys try it first then a buy I like to see how is gonna work I was ready for the htc hd2 but there is a lot of complaint’s against the htc hd2 so guys I gonna let u try first how about that?(Lol)lab rats( joke)

  • Nick

    well but IMHO you should NOT consider this fact as an external factor. Android's versatility is a very important part of its own competitve advantage, not to mention it is a basic company choice (Apple made the opposite one)…I'd say it's a very good one because it allows android to comes out in a new phone really often with very few costs for google and big help in obtaining new market shares.

    I don't know wheter Android is the future or not, but I think that is the right path to follow.

  • Jorge

    Also, iPhone 3Gs was released June of 2009…

    As for your article, will the HTC Evo outsell iPhone? Not a chance. Will it be the best competitor and best selling Non-iPhone? Yes.

    Let’s be realistic here, iPhone has a new phone once a year, and a new Android phone comes out what? Once every other month on multiple carriers, and the iPhone still maintains a 20% share of the Market off a single phone on a single carrier?

    Once again, this is coming from an iPhone 3Gs owner, happily switching to an HTC Evo.

    • isaac

      thanks for the honesty. I'm thinking of getting an EVO soon__

  • Jorge

    This article is pretty stupid, and the subject is even more pointless. Is the Android OS selling better than Apples, I would hope-so… 1 Phone, on 1 Carrier is being outsold in comparison to how many phones on how many Carriers? I would hope so, but the fact Remains 1 Phone on 1 Carrier is still outselling any other single phone, least would make your article less bias, and more logical.

    By the way, I'm an iPhone user switching to the HTC Evo, but the fact remains that the iPhone still dominates any other phone.

    • mike

      they are not talking about phones sales… they are talking about the operating system

      • Cole

        Then why would they specifically mention the EVO 4G (A 3G phone btw since no one really has 4G)? If they meant the OS, they would say Android, not EVO

  • Derrrik

    iPhone 4G doesn’t mean it’s for a 4G Network. It means 4th Generation. It will be the 4th Generation of the iPhone, not the type of network it will run on. Go Android!

  • Informed

    I do not know why people insist on calling the next iphone 4G, At&t does not have a 4G network. There will not be a 4G iphone on At&t, iphone HD running OS 4.0, likely.

    • keatre

      It's because its the 4th Generation of the iPhone. Granted that's very misleading to the public (of which they'll probably like). The Evo will be the better phone, though — my next phone infact.

    • steve

      4G for Iphone stands for 4th generation

    • OhSnap

      I guess the just mean 4th generation. But then again some people dont know that 4G is Wimax

  • phoneguy

    I will be trading in a iphone for the EVO. Better phone, better network and cheaper rates it is a no brainer!

    • Trendsetter35

      @phoneguy- me too buddy! Sprint is back on top with the phone rate plans and the HTC Evo 4g. I am giving up my iPhone as well.

      • Gcorvette987

        I’m getting rid of my 3gs as well!!! Does anyone know of a good site to start reading on android 2.1?

  • SCB

    GO EVO 4G!!!!
    I think Android will keep it up!!