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Verizon Google Tablet: Android / Chrome OS?

We just hate it when we get some hot news but nothing meaty to sink our teeth into. We have just learned that Verizon have confirmed that they are working with Google on a tablet device. However, it is not known if the device will run on Android or Chrome OS.

Engadget learned of this news from The Wall Street Journal, who were the ones who announced that a Verizon iPhone would be released in September – we still wait for conformation on this. We know that a number of companies such as Dell and MSI have already started work on Android powered tablets, so we assume that Verizon would stick with this OS.

We do not have any more details on this news, but there is plenty that we could surmise about. The first thing is its name – wonder if it will be called the Verizon DROID Tablet? This would be keeping in tradition with their DROID smartphone devices.

We would assume that either HTC or Motorola – both of which have strong ties with Verizon and Google, would manufacture the Google tablet device.

Do you think that the Verizon Google Tablet will be able to compete with the Apple iPad?



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