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New 2010 MacBook Air: Specs Wish List

The Australian version of Macworld is now reporting that Apple could launch either a new 2010 MacBook Air or 27-inch Cinema Display sometime this week. The original source of this news should not be taken lightly – as they were the ones who predicted the recent update to the MacBook Pro range.

The MacBook Air has not seen an update for 11 months now so is overdue for some new hardware. Apple fans will have a specs wish list, so let us look at the last update to see if we can formulate what Apple will do this year.

The first and most obvious change would be to its CPU, the basic model went from 1.6 to 1.86GHz, with the next model going from 1.86 to 2.13GHz. It seems likely that Apple will increase the processor to 2.6GHz, at least. The craziest thing about the update was in its price, it saw a price drop of $700.

Do now expect a price reduction this time round, but The Apple Blog assumes that Apple could stick with the 1.86GHz, on the base model but offer the NVIDIA GeForce 320M GPU. The more powerful MacBook Air could come with an energy-efficient 2GHz Intel Core i7 chip but sticking with integrated graphics.

Not sure if this will please MacBook Air fans, and we begin to wonder how committed Apple is to the thin laptop – as they may be putting more effort into the iPad 2.

What is your 2010 MacBook Air wish list?



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