Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta: Video Presentation

By Peter Chubb - May 11, 2010

We know that Mozilla have been working on its Firefox 4 beta web browser for some time now, which Engadget assumes could be launched as early as June. Now we have a few more details for you thanks to a recent video presentation, which has been covered by Beltzner.

The video is of an early production plan for Firefox 4 and has set out three primary goals that needs to be addressed on the next version of the popular web browser. These goals are as follows: Speeding up Firefox, making the browser more powerful and finally offering more control for the user.

We do not normally see plans like this publically – nice to see Mozilla showing what they have planned. Mozilla acknowledge that they always like to do things different, that way they are able to gain feedback from those who will be using the final product.

Some of the plans that are mentioned in the video presentation are not set in stone – so could change in the coming weeks. Watch the video presentation now and let us know what you think.

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