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iPhone 4G and 5G: No Verizon iPhone Release until 2012

Following on from our report last week which informed you about the rumors that AT&T had extended their exclusive agreement with Apple for the iPhone, we can now tell you that AT&T actually signed a 5-year deal with Apple way back in 2007.

This means of course that the iPhone 4G, and future versions of the handset will remain exclusive on AT&T’s network until 2012 at the latest. This also confirms that talk of a Verizon iPhone landing this Summer via Verizon employees – were merely rumors at best.

A report over at Engadget explains how the news of AT&T’s deal with Apple were confirmed, due to numerous court documents filed by Apple in California in 2007. A quote from Apple within the documents contains the following information:

“AT&T has exclusive U.S. distribution rights for five years-an eternity in the go-go cellphone world.”

Is this the clearest indiction yet, that a Verizon iPhone is just a myth and nothing else? Let us know your thoughts on this. More information on the court documents can be seen over at Engadget.



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