Facebook Reunions: Balzer Sisters Reunite

Whenever I listen to friends and family members all I seem to hear is them talking about Facebook, and it seems to be that this is the cause of many of their arguments. My wife has Facebook, but just uses it for Farmville and Café World – just wish that others used it for fun.

So many arguments are caused on Facebook with people being caught out having affairs or just trying to cause trouble – so it is nice to hear of something happy coming from this social networking site. Many of us have lost contact with our family for some reason or another, and Facebook is now becoming a popular tool for reunions – which was the case for the Balzer sisters.

Facebook created a page called Facebook for Good, allowing members to share their amazing stories. This could be anything from heroic acts being performed to families being reunited. One story that featured on this page was how Stacy Balzer was able to find her sister Deb.

The sisters were separated when they were young children, Deb joined Facebook last year and started searching for her sister, and the strange thing was Stacy was also doing the same thing at that exact time. It certainly looks as though it was fate that the two were meant to find each other. For more on this story visit the Columbia Tribune



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