Drifting Satellite Threatens Cable TV: Strategies Under Consideration

We mentioned in a post this morning that the Galaxy 15 is on a collision course with another satellite – there is a fear that it threatens cable TV for a number of U.S. companies. We understand that Intelsat lost control of the satellite on April 8 and have sent thousands of commands to try and re-establish control.

Galaxy 15 is acting different to other rouge satellites, as they do not normally receive commands – they normally just stop transmitting. SES World Skies owned AMC 11 is the satellite that is in the path of Galaxy 15 and orbits the earth at 22,000 miles above the equator.

The company acknowledges that there could be interference, but an SES World Skies spokesperson told Associated Press “Our aim is to bring any interference down to zero.”

It is not known which cable television channels this could affect; the only way to know is when you get interference on the channel that you are watching. The spokesperson for SES also added that there are a number of strategies under consideration, but he was not willing to offer any details on them.

We mentioned fears that both satellites were on a collision course, but both companies said that this would not happen.


  • Dorky TV Guy

    If I can't watch breaking bad. I am blowing that Satellite up!


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