David Cameron and O2 UK Outage

By Peter Chubb - May 11, 2010

There are those of you who will be wondering why we would be talking about David Cameron on a site like this, as we have nothing to do with politics. We do have a good answer – it seems that O2 UK is having an outage problem and it could have something to do with the announcement that the Queen has just named Cameron the new British Prime Minister.

Those of you in some parts of the UK would have been experiencing issues with the O2 network for a few hours now – you can send texts, but it is receiving them that is the issue. The problem started about an hour before that when Gordon Brown announced that he was to resign as the Prime Minister for the United Kingdom.

Richard Lai from Engadget has said that his O2 handset has been working fine all day in Central London – mine has not in Kent and we have heard similar stories throughout the UK.

We do understand that the UK mobile phone networks will be under huge demand, but why has it only affected O2?

Have you been experiencing an outage with O2?

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  • Frettinginwales

    I can get calls so long as not from anyone on O2 or a landline….can send texts but they send at least 3 times and I can not make any calls … O2 customer service suggested I switch off and on my iPhone every 30 mins to try to resolve this problem :0/

  • Ian Witts

    Typical – I also live in Bristol and was woken up at around 02:30am when I guess I regained signal and my texts suddenly flooded in! 🙁

  • Simon

    No service at all in BS6 Bristol since last night – OK here at work (Clevedon) – can't call my wife so assuming it's still down.

  • nick

    no service in Coventry last night

    • Rachel

      Still not getting any service in Coventry now, hope its not just me.

  • Nicole

    I'm from Taunton, Somerset andI was receiving the "limited service" message all of last night, despite being in a place that I always get full signal. Luckily my signals back this morning.

  • Its not just O2..Orange UK as well..I've had the same text come through now 32 times!!

  • Meeeeeee

    Northern Ireland heavily effected. Not working since 8:15pm and it's 1:43am now.

  • Matthew Goodman

    Im having no signal from belfast, Northern Ireland…UK

  • Stick

    I live in Cornwall and first noticed not being able to call me dearly beloved – had to find a pay phone in the end to explain the problem. Not sure she believes me or even cares!!!!

  • Max

    Yup – still no O2 in Bedminster, Bristol

  • Anonymous

    No service at all here in leicester

  • Ian

    In South East London, havent been able to recieve texts since 8.30ish.