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David Cameron and O2 UK Outage

There are those of you who will be wondering why we would be talking about David Cameron on a site like this, as we have nothing to do with politics. We do have a good answer – it seems that O2 UK is having an outage problem and it could have something to do with the announcement that the Queen has just named Cameron the new British Prime Minister.

Those of you in some parts of the UK would have been experiencing issues with the O2 network for a few hours now – you can send texts, but it is receiving them that is the issue. The problem started about an hour before that when Gordon Brown announced that he was to resign as the Prime Minister for the United Kingdom.

Richard Lai from Engadget has said that his O2 handset has been working fine all day in Central London – mine has not in Kent and we have heard similar stories throughout the UK.

We do understand that the UK mobile phone networks will be under huge demand, but why has it only affected O2?

Have you been experiencing an outage with O2?



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