Cars Highest Resale Value and Car Buying Tips

Choosing that perfect car comes down to a number of choices – with some taking preference over others. Some drivers will go for practicality while others will go for performance or comfort. However, some of us will look for cars that will offer the highest resale value – this is where car buying tips come in.

For those looking for a 2010 model then offers their advice on what cars they think will offer the highest resale value after three years. It comes as no surprise that the BMW Mini Cooper takes the number one spot – offering a 66 percent residual value. The Mini Cooper S is a close second – just 1 percent lower.

Strangely enough the troubled Toyota Prius holds the number nine spot – even after all of those recent recalls. For the top ten list visit

Choosing the right car can often be very difficult, as we mentioned above, us drivers look for different things when choosing a vehicle so we may need a helping hand along the way. CarBuyingTips is the best online free buying guide for not only new vehicles, but used as well.

The top four tips for buying a new or used car are: Get Your Credit Report, Get New Car Loan Approval In 1 Hour, Get Free New Car Price Quotes and finally Get New Car Extended Warranty Quotes. For more details on this visit the website via the link above.



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