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AT&T iPhone 4G Exclusive: No Verizon iPhone Release Until 2012

Verizon users who wish to get their hands on the iPhone models will have to wait a little longer to get their dream phone as AT&T have exclusive rights to the iPhone for another 2 years, until 2012.

AT&T, who currently have the lower customer satisfaction rate and most dropped calls entered a five-year carrier deal with Apple in 2007 (when the iPhone was launched). Engadget sieved through documents and found that in 2008, a class-action lawsuit alleging monopoly was filed against Apple, spilling the beans of the contract.

But with the release of the iPad, Apple and AT&T could have renegotiated the terms of the contract, and set the exclusivity bar even longer, so as a matter of fact, we will never know when the iPhone will make it to Verizon, or any other network in America for that matter.

O2, one of Europe’s carriers were the company Apple turned to, to give exclusive rights to the iPhone, but it was short lived as Orange also got in on the act as O2 dropped the exclusive rights to the phone.

Will you give up and go with AT&T when the iPhone 4G is released? How long will you wait?

Source: PC World


  • Dave

    Switch to AT&T to get an iPhone?… Yeah, right… Tried that… ZERO service… I already have an iPod…. an AT&T iPhone would just be redundant.

  • Danny

    Iphone 4G. ROFL. They dont have 3g service anywhere so what are they going to do just from EDGE to 4G doubt it! Dont expect a 4G iphone until they release the LTE version for Verizon.


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