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Apple iPad: The Quirky Cradle Accessory

If you are aware of the Quirky company, you will be knowledgeable enough to know that they have come up with some very interesting gadgets. Their latest invention is the tentatively named ‘Cradle’ for the Apple iPad, and we can tell you, it’s pretty cool.

But what is the Cradle exactly? The Cradle is a comfy lap desk that can be laid on your legs or lap, and is made from renewable bamboo plywood. It almost looks like the surface of Jupiter to be exact, but is nowhere near the size as it measures in at 21” W x 4” H x 14” D, and is ¼ thick. The bottom of the Cradle comes with a foam coating that makes it all the more comfortable.

Still not sold? This is where the the Cradle is different from any other dinner tray or hard surface in your house. It comes with a silver disc on the surface which spins and rotates, therefore letting you easily switch your iPad between landscape and portrait modes.

The Cradle retails for $52.50, and out of the 875 they have made, 35 have been sold already. Impressive!

What are your views on the Quirky Cradle for the iPad?

Source: SlashGear


  • Other cool things to note about the Cradle by Quirky:

    – the pad underneath helps to optimize viewing angle while assisting the accelerometer with the flip. (though a bit of a lift is probably required to assist the accelerometer.)

    – the Cradle is a great way to watch movies and read books as the iPad itself gets heavy after a good 10 minutes. Also, with the cradle your viewing angle is constant and hands free.

    – GREAT for studying those etexts AND making manual notes off to the side at the same time … or balance your checkbook, make shopping notes, sync your iPhone, etc!

    – Perhaps best of all is that TYPING on the iPad with it in the Cradle solves so many problems: the iPad is no longer slipping down your lap, it is a consistent angle, you are not having to peck one handed anymore as you can use both hands to type as the Cradle holds the iPad in place.

    – Fantastic for gaming in that it takes the weight out of your hand but still allows you hands on movement AND swivel. Can't wait to try it out with RealRacingHD!

    Check it out at quirky.


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