White Castle Burger Candles: National Hamburger Month

If you are a fan of scented candles, you may want to consider picking up a new candle with an added twist. White Castle are releasing scented candles which give off the smell of one of their famous burgers.

As reported from NyDailyNews, the move is in conjuction with National Burger Month and will cost you $10 to pick one up. The ceramic product is shaped like a rectangular burger box and each part of the candle will give off a different burger smell.

The top part of the candle smells like diced sweet onions and crisp pickle. When the candle burns to the middle, you’ll be able to smell the beef patty, cheese and ketchup, while towards the bottom of the candle, you’ll smell a warm burger bun. Sounds interesting doesn’t it?

Best of all, net proceeds from sales of the scented burger candles will go towards a charity called Autism Speaks.

Let us know your thoughts on their scented candles. Will you be buying one for $10?



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