Twitter Hacked: All Followers at Zero

For those of you who look at Twitter users such as Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher you will be pleased to know that you would have all had the same amount as followers as them – Zero. The reason for this was due to the micro-blogging site being hacked this morning.

Twitter did not wait long to resolve the issue and fixed the problem this morning. The hack allowed Twitter users to force others to follow them, as a result the website forced all users followers to zero – this would have certainly come as a surprise to the big hitters like those mentioned above.

Thankfully the followers have now been restored – but Bieber has decided to send a little message to those who caused the hack in the first place. He basically said that they have angered two million teenage girls – something that nobody wants to do.

According to PC Mag who originally learned of the news via AppScout, Twitter said that no information was leaked during the hack? Were you worried about the hack, had you thought that you lost all of your followers?



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