Robots Oil Spill Cleanup Task a Failure

There is no denying how much of a disaster the oil spill is in Gulf of Mexico and how much of an environmental impact it has had already. BP has come under huge attack for not being able to stop the oil gushing out into the Gulf of Mexico, which is now the size of New York. The oil company has tried to use undersea robots to try to place a huge dome over the well, which is 1.6 kilometers below the surface.

According to Ottawa Citizen this crisis has been very costly and will see BP make huge losses – but something like this is to be expected when dealing with oil in the middle of the ocean. The oil giant also faces huge pressure from the Obama administration and could face a bill of several billion dollars.

So the fate of the coast of the U.S. relies on robots being able to lower the dome correctly in place – this just shows how dependent we are on technology being able to help us in a crisis.

We have just learned from Reuters that the plan to cap the leak with a dome was halted due to gas coming from the well. BP is now considering other options.


  • The oil spill is such a disaster. When will people learn. This type of stuff makes me so angry.


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