Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Character list: Deadpool and Dante added

By Alan Ng - May 10, 2010

We have some exciting news for Marvel Vs Capcom 3 fans now, as we are glad to confirm that Marvel character Deadpool will be appearing in the game, as well as Dante from Capcom’s Devil May Cry franchise.

As reported from VG247, both characters were confirmed thanks to some leaked scans from an upcoming edition of Game Informer magazine.

These screenshots have never been seen before and give us a first taster of what graphics we can expect to see in the game. As expected, it is very ‘Street Fighter IV’ like – but the added inclusion of Marvel characters gives the game a totally different feel.

One of the screenshots confirms Deadpool and Dante, in a bio listing which also has details for characters such as Chris Redfield, Captain America and more.

What are your thoughts on this? I told you that I wanted Deadpool in the game in our Character Wish List thread, and it looks like I got my wish. Check out the screenshots here.

Who else would you like to see?

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  • sal

    hey leon s kennedy should be in marvel vs capcom 3 it would be better than chris redfield

  • jefferson

    i would want to see charlie dark ryu and ken shin akuma sakura demtri and cyber akuma and iron spider man and more.

    • jefferson

      good idea

  • Ignaxio

    I think it should be "Resident evil vs. X-men" that's all I care about.

  • Xavier Williams

    I would like to see the following characters in the game: Charlie(SFA3) Maki(SFA3 Max) Akuma, Gouken, Ibuki, Makoto, Evil Ken(Just really want to play as evil ken from mugen) Evil Ryu(SFA3) Bison, Sakura, Dark Sakura(Marvel Super heroes vs. Street Fighter) Shadow( Basically a dark charlie) Chun-Li, Cammy, Juni and Juli(SFA3), Yun and Yang, Gen , Cyber Dan (Just throwing that out there) Cyber Akuma (Marvel super heroes vs Street fighter), Felicia, all of MVC 2 Characters, Sheva (RE5), Wesker (RE5), Juri( SSFIV), Sean(SF3), Dark Spiderman, Virgil(DMC3), Sparda(DMC3), Leon(RE4), and Ada Wong(RE4)

  • GIsubscriber

    way to take the screenshots from game informer magazine