iPhone 4G Storage: What’s enough without expansion?

By Alan Ng - May 10, 2010

As we draw ever closer to WWDC 2010 and Apple’s impending announcement of the iPhone 4G, speculation is starting to mount on what type of memory solution Apple will offer for the handset.

Rather than offer the tradition 8GB-32GB flash memory options for the iPhone 4G, many users feel that Apple need to release a 64GB version of the device – or better yet, finally allow removable storage for the phone.

If you asked users what would they prefer: 64GB or MicroSD support, most would prefer the latter, since it will allow them to easy back up documents and media files on multiple SD cards for easy storage and convenience.

What do you think Apple will do with regards to memory for the iPhone 4G? Will they stick with their traditional flash memory or explore the possibilities of card support for the device?

Give us your thoughts on this debate.

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