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iPhone 4G on Verizon: Do Apple Need Verizon in 2010/2011?

If we go back about 6 months it showed that Verizon needed Apple – how funny is it that these roles have reversed and it looks as though Apple needs the carrier more now. The idea of a Verizon iPhone 4G has been up in the air for months now, and the recent news that AT&T has extended its exclusivity deal with Apple does not look good for Big Red customers.

Android OS is growing more popular each day now and iPhone OS has started to suffer as a result, this is why Apple will needs to tap into the 90 million subscribers of Verizon Wireless – even a small portion of its customer base will be enough to stop the Google Android attack.

According to ozcarguide, a recent survey showed that 54 percent of Verizon subscribers would get a new iPhone once it makes it to the carrier – that would mean that Apple could potentially shift 54 million more iPhone smartphones.

The sad fact of the matter is Verizon customers may have to wait until 2011, as the new iPhone for 2010 looks set for AT&T only in the U.S., which we explained above. This could certainly have an affect on Apple as Android continues its assault – you only have to look at the HTC Droid Incredible and the EVO 4G to understand what we mean.


  • trtsmb

    I've looked at the Droid Incredible and was not impressed. I'm also not impressed with the way Verizon nickel and dimes the customer.


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