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Intel Core i7-980X Processor: Review of speed and cost

There is no denying the benefits of Intel’s Core i3 and i5 processors thanks to the size of the new 32nm process. It is for this reason why the chipmaker has now shrunk the size of the Core i7-980X processor, which has the codename ‘Gulftown’.

The new processor is more powerful than Intel assumed – they even considered calling it the Core i9 instead. The basic clock frequency is 3.33GHz; this is just as fast as the current fastest model – the 45nm Core i7-975.

So where does this new 32nm get all of its power from? The first reason is due to doing away with the quad-core and replacing it with six physical cores instead – thanks to its Hyper-Threading technology. PC Authority explains that the Intel Core i7-980X is not worried about its Turbo Boost feature, and does not care about increasing its speed up to 3.6GHz – all without breaking a sweat.

It is certainly a nice idea to all have one of these awesome processors in our computer, but there is one thing standing the way – the price. Those in the U.S. will have to part with $999 of their hard-earned cash. We are not certain if it is worth such a high premium, there are a number of other cheaper chips on the market offering a great performance at a fraction of the price – although not as awesome as the Intel Core i7-980X processor.


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