Galaxy 15 Zombie Satellite: SES World Skies Compensation

SES World Skies has to switch many of its customers over to another satellite as the Galaxy 15 is on a collision course with the AMC-11. This zombie satellite is a huge headache for SES and will end up costing the company a huge amount of money – no doubt they will look for compensation over the coming days from Intelsat.

The owners have been trying to send a series of commands to the out-of-control satellite, but none of them seem to work. Intelsat now hope that it would just die and alter its course. The satellite stopped responding on April 5 – Rapid TV News assumes that this could have been caused by a solar flare.

It is thought that the risk of both satellites colliding with each other is very slim, but May 23 is the magic day when Galaxy 15 enters AMC-11’s orbital space. The craft now looks to be lost but although it is uninsured will not end up costing Intelsat as much as you would think.

The satellite has already made its money, as it is more than six years old, but they will now have to invest in a newer satellite earlier than expected. However let us not forget at the prospect of a huge compensation bill.



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