Facebook Privacy Settings: Extra Options Explained

Not a day goes by without something mentioned about the issue of Facebook privacy settings. Well we thought we would not disappoint and take a closer look into this debate that has been going on. The social networking site has come under huge pressure from not only users but also senators as well for its security settings. However, we have just learned that there are other privacy settings that you may not know about.

There have been a number of websites discussing the steps you need to take to change your Privacy and Application Settings, but Geek Shui Living has taken a closer look at just the Account Settings of your profile and what you can do from there.

The way to get to this is from the Account drop down menu that appears on the top bar. The Setting menu is an all-purpose account settings tab, this is where you can set up your name and username, you can also change your email and password from there as well.

There are two other options that you need to be careful of, if you wish to deactivate/delete route make certain that you remove them from here as well. If not they will still appear on Facebook, even if you have deleted the entire account. For more details on this, visit Geek Shui Living from the link above.



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