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Apple iPad UK: Understanding the price

The Apple iPad was announced back in January, with the U.S. being the first to get their hands on this sought after device. However, those of us in the UK wondered how much this tablet device would cost once it hits the market. We mentioned on a number of occasions how much we would expect the iPad to cost – but the price is way off what most of us thought.

Many of us had based our guesses on prices from the U.S. versions, but we all know how difficult that is with high UK taxes. The cheapest iPad in the U.S. costs $499, a simple conversions shows this is £333 – but the price consumers in the UK will pay is £429. ITProPortal explains that this is 11 percent above expectations.

We have seen time and time again that we should never consider that the price for a device from the U.S. will never be a simple matter of a currency conversation – as there are many of factors that we should consider.

Are you happy with how much you will pay for the Apple iPad in the UK, or is this case of rip-off Britain once again?


  • Jon M

    The more you look at it, the apps and what it can do its so much better than netbook. I have given up on my netbook. Its slow, doesn't run all programs anyway, antivirus makes it slower, heavy and generally a pain.
    I have ordered my 32GB + 3G and to be honest I can not wait to throw my stupid netbook in the bin.

  • David Spofforth

    You are comparing apples and oranges here.

    The US price is $499 PLUS sales tax
    The UK price is £429 INCLUDING VAT

    Once you take out the VAT element the price becomes £365 – much closer to the £333 conversion. Apple have no control over sales tax in the various countries.

  • Andy Pearce

    No I am not happy – no way £600 for a 64 Gig IPAD – they are taking the mickey….


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