A Corporate Beauty Contest: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates?

By Peter Chubb - May 10, 2010

There always seems to be a corporate beauty contest going on, we know you may be thinking why would we want to know how good looking a CEO is – but how a CEO looks is very important in the success of a company. Those who have more striking features such as a strong jaw line and intense eyes can help in a company’s success.

So how would we rate Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in a corporate beauty contest? We cannot argue that both men are still very successful but how they have got there is very different. We have seen from past experience that Jobs is very passionate about his role as Apple CEO and he is not afraid to show that. Gates is very different – he has a more passive side.

If you were to put both men side-by-side, Steve Jobs ticks all the boxes of what a CEO should look like and would win a corporate beauty contest against Bill Gates – so how has the latter made his success? Gates has the looks of a sincere man, and this has made many of us trust him – but is this now enough.

There is no question that when it comes to both companies, Apple is winning against Microsoft now – maybe it has something to do with how Jobs expresses himself – he is not afraid to tell he person how it is. Some of you may think that this is arrogant – while others will say that it is honest.

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  • Sonya

    Bill's the sexiest geek I've ever seen.

    • I agree with Sonya. Bill also has a BIG heart and i love all he is doing to make a huge difference in our lives. I would make a great president of the USA.