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UFC 113 Live Stream: FLO TV on Mobile Electronics

UFC 113 took place last night and there were a number of ways in which you could have watched this amazing event – one of them being via a live stream on FLO TV. This allows you to view the live-streamed event on a number of mobile electronics devices – such as cell phones.

This service is still in its early stages, but there will be more social media tools coming to FLO TV very soon. As you would imagine users who already enjoy the service is looking forward to these coming updates, but are still more than happy with the service for the time being.

Just to let you know, FLO TV will allow you to watch future UFC events in your car on a personal television. This is the perfect solution if you are away from home on a fishing trip or camping and just need to watch the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Last nights UFC 113 was available to watch for $44.99, which we assume will be the price of future events. We know that this sounds a little expensive, but just think how much you pay for just one boxing match. More information on this can be found via



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