Nintendo and iPhone 4G Release

With the highly anticipated release of the iPhone 4G and the Apple Games Center, are Nintendo starting to get worried? Ozcarguide are running a story asking if the iPhone 4G and iPad could be the future of handheld gaming.

This week it was reported that Nintendo’s profits took a bit of a dive for the first time in six years, will they go on to win any battle with Apple? The CEO of Nintendo – Satoru Iwata – recently claimed that the battle with Sony was already won; they are now concentrating their efforts on Apple.

The Wii console and the DS have constantly outsold those of their rivals but the less powerful technology is beginning to show. With the Games Center and the iPhone 4G, HD gaming could really be coming to the masses. What do you think should Nintendo be worried about the future?


  • Jacob W

    Yes, Nintendo should be worried. Nintendo was dominating over it's gaming competition. But I think they didn't realize that someone new was entering the market that could hurt them.

    I like Nintendo, but do I play on my Touch more than my DS, hell ya. Would I have gotten a Touch if DSi had a better music player and larger internal memory, probably not actually. The Wii is safe for now, but with how Apple's technology is, clearly not for the future.

    What Nintendo should've done was made/added a better browser (hindsight), had a better dedicated music player that you didn't have to convert to, and I think a way to connect to a computer with a larger memory. What they could've even done is made it into, say with Skype, a video chat machine as well.

    That being said, Nintendo is good for using as little technology as possible for the best possible output. So what are they going to do when they upgrade to the quality technology?


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