Mother’s Day 2010 Gift Ideas: Using Social Media

Now that mother’s day is now here finding that perfect gift that shows how much you care can get harder every year. With the annual spend on mother’s day around $14.6B in the U.S. alone, ways that some of those funds can go to good causes are becoming more available.

With social media getting bigger all the time new ways for achieving this are now possible. To Mama with Love allows people to send an e-Card for $25 with photos, videos, and love notes added. The donations are used for a children’s home in Arusha, Tanzania.

A charity sells e-Cards that helps develop water projects in Africa, with sales of the 20 dollar cards it takes just 250 to fund one project for a village. Another gift idea is to create a customized video which can be sent to your mom and can then be sent on to other friends and family. To find out more on this please click here.



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