High Tech Military Socks: Tested By Sixty Recruits

Who would have thought that a pair of socks would become such an important part of the Swiss Army – well they are more high-tech than you would have ever imagined. The Swiss defense ministry has been conducting tests to measure how these socks are able to absorb sweat, which as we know is a huge problem for military personnel.

Soldiers have been testing these socks by wearing one on each foot. Sixty recruits have been taking part in these tests; they have 10 socks from the range of three different types. According to AP, the Swiss defense ministry said that the men were sent on a “merciless” five-day test mission” while wearing odd socks.

None of the men knew about these tests before the mission, which consisted of a six-kilometer march on each day. They were then checked for blisters and how much sweat was produced. The men were then asked a number of questions about the socks themselves.

These high-tech military socks are made from wool and synthetics and will help recruits when they have to go on long marches or work in hot environments. This is not the first time that socks have been tested by military, earlier in the year the Israeli army developed socks that could be worn for up to two weeks at a time without smelling.



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