1936 Bugatti sells to an anonymous buyer for $30m

Autoblog reported earlier this week that a 1936 Bugatti 57SC Atlantic sold for over $30 million, making the price of the Veyron look like a kids toy. The media is now reporting that this is the world’s most expensive car – so why is this old car so valuable?

According to Huffington Post, car collector and neurosurgeon Dr. Peter Williamson previously owned the Bugatti 57SC Atlantic. This particular vehicle was the first of three Atlantics built – hence the high price. It is not known who paid the $30 million for the car, but they now join Ralph Lauren who own the only other 57SC Atlantic left.

The Bugatti 57SC Atlantic was based on the Aerolithe Electron Coupe, although this was just a show car. Jean Bugatti designed this vehicle; many of you will know that he was the son of Ettore Bugatti – the founder of the iconic car company.

No one can understand why this car is so valuable – maybe collectors feel that they own a piece of Bugatti heritage. We wonder if the Veyron will be worth that in 70 or more years’ time? For more details on this car visit WSJ


  • No Doubt it a beautiful car–I think the price is steep considering a barn door could open tomorrow with 3 more in there and lower the value, but to each his own.


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