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Ultimate Movie Buff iPhone App: Release Date

Movie fans who own an iPhone will soon be able to get an updated app which will test their knowledge on movie related questions. Ultimate Movie Buff for the iPhone is to be launched on the 12th of May just in time for the Cannes Film Festival.

Released by Super Monko Studio in collaboration with ITN, the app is an update to their original Movie Buff quiz iPhone application. The new version will have over 4,800 movie related questions split into fifteen categories, from Actor, Film locations, Director, and more.

Ultimate Movie Buff has new content that is complimented by red carpet videos and images from ITN, with new animation and art work. The game try’s to entertain users as they play, and has social interactions via Twitter and Facebook. This new quiz will even test the most knowledgeable movie expert. Head over to the developers website to find out more.


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    The app is set to be a seperate release and is not an update for the current moviebuff application.


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